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Socialist Standard magazine April 2009 -

Editorial – ‘What is Socialism?’
Articles – 
‘Banks, who needs them?’
If there was production directly for use we wouldn’t need banks

‘What is to be done?’
As capitalism loses some of its legitimacy, what should those who want to get rid of capitalism be doing?

‘Northern Ireland: a return to violence?’
Violence will not make people into socialists.

‘Capitalism’s reserve army of labour’
Full employment is not the normal state of capitalism.

‘Food: commodity or need?’
Enough calories are already produced in the world today to avoid anyone having to starve. It’s just that millions can’t afford to buy the food containing them.

‘Socialism: an open source society’
A socialist describes his personal experience of open source software - and its socialist implications.

Regular features - 
Pathfinders (pop science / technology) – ‘How Scientific are Scientists?’ 
Material World – ‘Antics in the South China Sea’
Pieces Together – news cuttings from mainstream media
Cooking the Books 1 (economics) – ‘Saved by the Slump?’ (implications for tackling climate change)
Cooking the Books 2 – ‘Capitalism is Working’
50 Years Ago – ‘More Trouble in Africa’ (Rhodesia)
Greasy Pole – UK politics: re Harriet Harman
Voice From the Back - selected news items
Free Lunch – cartoon
Plus letters, reviews, contacts, etc.

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