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Descent 1

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Size:156.26 MiB Uploaded:2009-06-23 21:14:59

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This is an .iso of the original Descent CD for PowerMac, with the complete 27 levels and other 3 hidden levels.
This doesn't stop when you finish level 7 (if you manage to finish that level).

System Requirements:

-7Mb RAM (at least 4Mb Physical)
-20Mb HDD
-Mac OS 7.5

How to install:

If using under Classic mode (Mac OS X 10.1 - 10.4):
-Mount the Descent.iso Image by double-clicking it.
-Install like any other program.

If planning to use on a mac without OS X (Mac OS 7.5 - 9.2.2)
-Burn the Descent.iso CD Image with the program of your choice.
-Insert the CD on your old Mac, and install like any other program.

Install notes:
-If you're not planning to use multiplayer mode, choose select custom install and choose to install without System files (to save those valuable Mb in your small HDD).
-You must have the CD in your drive (or the image mounted) every time you play.

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