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Corbin Fisher - - - Blowing Trevor ((MictrmbL))

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From the vaults of Corbin Fisher:

A straight fraternity guy getting blown by another guy for the first time ever. Now that's a great way to start off the week! :)

Tall, lean, blond Trevor - the studly, straight fraternity guy that made quite a splash when he first appeared here on CF - is just a prime specimen of the all-American college stud. He's athletic, handsome, tall, well-built, has a great cock, an awesome ass, and an attitude that just oozes studliness. I can't get enough of this guy!

There's no doubt this stud loves the ladies, and I practically had to beg for him to take a shot at letting one of our other straight studs blow him. Trevor was pretty spooked at the thought of doing anything at all with another guy, actually. Whereas he was really comfortable in front of the camera for his solo shoot and knows how to put on quite the show, throwing a second guy in to the mix wasn't even on the radar screen as far as Trevor was concerned. As you may remember from his interview, this stud's all about the ladies and has no problem whatsoever finding hot college coeds eager and willing to help him get his rocks off. What could I offer?!

Well... money! :) Oh, and the begging. hehe. And I'll be damned if Trevor didn't actually say "K, I'll try it."! His saying yes to getting a bj from a dude had me bouncing off the walls, and I set up the scene as quickly as possible not only because I wanted to film it right away, but wanted to see it for myself right away!

Ryan's ever the champ as he delivers Trevor his first ever blow job from a guy. For a straight stud like Ryan, he doesn't have to look too far back to remember his own very first time doing anything with a guy right here on CF and so I think that had him understanding what Trevor was going through, the nerves involved, and what it'd take to make the process not only as easy as possible, but also as pleasurable and as hot as possible! As you know, we don't want our straight studs to suffer through their experiences with other guys just to get it done and over with. We really want them to feel good, have fun, and come out of the experience thinking "Damn! That was amazing!"

Well as Ryan services Trevor's big dick, Trevor goes from hesitant and nervous to overcome by the awesome sensation of having his big dick totally worked over...even being taken over the edge by another guy for the first time ever. It was really a great sight to see!

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