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Crash's v10 Wii Modkit - All regions - 4.1 Firmware

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This kit covers all wii's from all regions and allows updates TO 4.1.

Let me say that many changes to the tutorial were me trying to "fix" issues other member may have had in the past.

Having said that, if you have issues with a step, IN MOST CASES, its safe to skip it and come back to it later.

Version 10 adds:

The Twilight Hack back 


neogamma r6 channel

neogamma r7 beta wad managed

Radiowii v04

MPlayerCE V0.7
wad manager 1.5 standard 


FCE Ultra GX 3.0.7

Snes9x GX 4.0.9

Visual Boy Advance GX 2.0.6

StartPatch 4.0.5 US/PAL both versions

4.1 firmware updater and startpatch 4.1

new layout of kit.

MANY new roms in part 2

most updates exist in PART 2. 

original thread and help and answers can be found at 


listed in the wii section under the same name.

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