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Batman: The Stone King – Graphic Audio[AUDIOBOOK-VAULT.COM]

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               Batman: The Stone King – Graphic Audio                

Something has been unearthed in Gotham City, something that should not have been disturbed. An ancient pyramid has unleashed supernatural energies throughout the world. Drawn to the eye of this arcane storm, the heroes of the JLA become caught in the grip of a force far beyond their extraordinary powers. Only Gotham’s protector, Batman, manages to escape—but to free his allies and stop the chaos that is fast engulfing the world, the Dark Knight must somehow unlock the pyramid’s secret curse.

Approximate Running Time: 6 hours
ISBN: 1-59950-458-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-59950-458-2
Release Date: July 2008
Total File Size: 880 MB
Encoded at: 320 kbps

This is a great listen, highly recommended!! :)

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