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CRACKER  :  N/A                    SUPPLIER     :  TEAM KiPiSO

OS       :  WINDOWS                PACKAGER     :  TEAM KiPiSO

TYPE     :  ISO                    TOTAL CDs    :  1 DVD9

LANGUAGE :  ENGLISH                PROTECTION   :  N/A

RELEASE  :  07/11/2009             RELEASE SIZE :  32x 100 MB

Release Notes

LinuxCBT feat. Debian4x Edition focuses primarily on the true open-source
Debian GNU/Linux 4x operating system.

LinuxCBT feat. Debian4x Edition prepares you or your organization for
successfully deploying and managing business-critical Debian
GNU/Linux-based server solutions. Let LinuxCBT feat. Debian4x Edition
teach you what traditional training outlets and other CBTs do not;
solid Debian GNU/Linux skills!

Recommended Prerequisites:

Open mind  determination to master Linux and related open-source
Basic MS Windows skills
Basic understanding of networking concepts
Access to a spare PC to perform all of the installations and exercises

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