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Michael Jackson
The Complete THRILLER Sessions
Recorded: April, 1982 - November, 1982

Disc 1: Official Release

01."Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" (Michael Jackson)
02."Baby Be Mine" (Rod Temperton)
03."The Girl Is Mine" (Michael Jackson)
04."Thriller" (Rod Temperton)
05."Beat It" (Michael Jackson)
06."Billie Jean" (Michael Jackson)
07."Human Nature" (John Bettis, Steve Porcaro)
08."P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)" (James Ingram, Quincy Jones)
09."The Lady in My Life" (Rod Temperton)
10."Got The Hots" (1982) (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones)
11."Carousel" (1982) (Michael Sembello, Donald J. Freeman)
12."Can't Get Outta The Rain" (1982) (Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones)
13."Hot Street" (1981) (Rod Temperton)
14."She's Trouble" (1981) (Terry Britten, Bill Livsey, Sue Shifrin)
15."Nite Line" (1981) (Glen Ballard, Brie Howard, David Allen Faragher)
16."Love Never Felt So Good" (1980) (lyrics: Michael Jackson, Paul Anka; music: Kathy Wakefield)

01-09: "Thriller 25" (International Pressing, CD, 2008)
10: "Thriller 25" (Japanese Pressing, CD, 2008)
11: Michael Sembello official website
12: "King of Pop" (Compilation, CD, 2008)
13-15: Rehearsal tape given to the session musicians (Tape, 1982)
16: Unknown source Internet Leak

Disc 2: Outtakes from 'Thriller' sessions

01."Billie Jean" [Home Demo]
02."Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" [Home Demo] [Excerpt]
03."Billie Jean" [1st Studio Demo] [Excerpt]
04."The Girl Is Mine" [Studio Demo]
05."Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'" [Studio Demo]
06."Baby Be Mine" [Studio Demo] [Excerpt]
07."Billie Jean" [2nd Studio Demo]
08."Slapstick" [Studio Demo] (1982) (Rod Temperton)
09."Starlight" [Studio Demo] [Excerpt] (1981) (Rod Temperton)
10."Thriller" [Vincent Price Voice-Over]
11."The Girl Is Mine" [Alternate Mix]
12."Human Nature" [Alternate Mix]
13."The Lady In My Life" [Full Version]
14."Beat It" [Album Mix #06]
15."P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) [Alternate Version] (1982) (Michael Jackson, Greg Phillinganes)

01,10: "Thriller - Special Edition" (Album Re-release, CD, 2001)
02-08: Unknown source Internet Leak
04: "The Girl Is Mine - 2008" (Single, CD, 2008)
09: "Thriller - Special Edition" (Album Re-release Test Pressing #2, Acetate CD, 2000)
11: Released as a promotional single in the USA in 1983
12: Released only in Japan as 3" souvenir single for the Japan Tour '87
13: Rod Temperton: "The Songs Of Rod Temperton" (Promo 2-CD-Compilation, CD, 2002)
14: Guitar Hero World Tour (Video Game, 2008)
15: "The Ultimate Collection" (Compilation, CD, 2005)

During the THRILLER sessions, many more songs were recorded but they didn't leaked anywhere yet. Here is the list of outtakes who aren't available yet:
*"Who Do You Know" (1981) (Michael Jackson)
*"Rolling The Dice" (1982) (Rod Temperton)

Album Informations

*"The Girl is Mine" duet with Paul McCartney
*"Beat It" guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen

Songs informations:

*"Got The Hots" was later re-wrote by Rod Temperton. He change the lyrics and the song was then newly recorded by Siedah Garrett as Baby's Got It Bad (4:43) for her 1988 album KISS OF LIFE. Both songs have a lot in common!

*"Carousel" alternative title was "Circus Girl". Quincy Jones decided to replace it by "Human Nature".

*"Can't Get Outta The Rain" was a sort of throw-away song, only appearing as a B-Side to the singles "Billie Jean", "Thriller" & "The Girl Is Mine". Not to be confused with You Can't Win (Part II) (1978), a similar track which has developed into this track and features slightly different vocals. In this track Michael is singing "Can't Get Outta The Rain", whereas in the 1978 orginal he's singing "Can't Get Outta The Game" (just as in You Can't Win (Part I)) instead.

*"Hot Street" was the early version of another outtake called "Slapstick".

*"She's Trouble" alternative title is "Trouble". Another demo version is known to exist. Some cover version have been officially released by Scott Baio ("The Boys Are Out Tonight", Album, Vinyl, 1983) and by Musical Youth ("She's Trouble", Single, Vinyl, 1983).

*"Nite Line" alternative title is "Nightline". Some cover version have been officially released by Ellen Foley ("Another Breath", Album, Vinyl, 1983), Randy Crawford ("Nightline", Album, Vinyl, 1983) & The Pointer Sisters ("Automatic", Single, Vinyl, 1984).

*"Love Never Felt So Good" was possibly recorded during the Thriller recording sessions. It's not clear, so I've decided to include it anyway. It was however intended for the album VICTORY (1984) by The Jacksons (and supposedly replaced with Be Not Always instead). A cover version by Johnny Mathis ("A Special Part Of Me", Album, Vinyl, 1984) exist.

*"Slapstick" was developed from "Hot Street".

*"Starlight" alternative titles are "Give Me Some Starlight" & "Starlight Sun". It's an early Version of "Thriller".

*"Billie Jean" [Home Demo] original title is "Not My Lover".

*"The Lady In My Life" [Full Version] includes the missing verse that was cut from the album. The lyrics to the missing verse were on the actual sleeve inside.

*"Beat It" [Album Mix #06] is the same version as the one on the album, but the original cold-ending.

*"P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) [Alternate Version]" was completely rewrote later by James Ingram and Quincy Jones.

Bootleg Information

Okay, so this is it. Every single outtakes I could find on the internet is there. And, sadly, not every tracks has a STUNNING sound quality. A lot of outtakes were partially destroyed by somemone who apply some fucking noise reduction all over them. After a lot of research, I think I can say that the tracks included here are the best version floating around the internet, at least for the moment. I'm absolutly sure that the tracks you'll find there were recorded during the 'Thriller' sessions, and every single one of them were double-checked to be sure if they were genuine, and if many versions of it exists that it was the good one.

Some sources were impossible to find in Lossless quality. So, I decided this time to try to improve the sound quality. Just a bit, like EQ and volume. No Noise reduction whatsoever. If someone could upgrade this collection by adding much better quality files instead of those one, you'll make my day (if you don't forget the credit).

All the information came from the "Thriller - Special Edition" (2001) booklet for the official part. The information and the definitive list of outtakes which this compilation is based on came from the book "Michael Jackson: For the Record" (ISBN-13: 978-0755202676). This book is incredible: it's a listing of every Michael Jackson demos and outtakes that exists, even those who have never been leaked yet. This was really helpful, especially because it was written were I could find those tracks.

Enjoy the sound, AND PLEASE SHARE.

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