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Pfadfinderei & Modeselektor - Labland DVD

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Artist: Pfadfinderei & Modeselektor
Title: Labland
Label: Dalbin
Catalog#: DAL001
Released: 18 Apr 2005
Style: Breakbeat, IDM
Audio Quality: MP3/LAME APX
Video Quality: XviD, DVD Rip

1 Modeselektor - Rapid Eye Movement
2 Modeselektor - Coffein
3 Modeselektor - Concrete Jungle
4 Modeselektor - Construction Desert
5 Jahcoozi - Tits Of My Origin (Black Barbie Rmx)
6 Modeselektor - Grass Grows Greener
7 Modeselektor - My Mosque Is My Cathedral
8 Modeselektor - Nightcreatures
9 Atwater - Bell Lane
10 Funkstörung - Playpause
11 Ellen Allien & Paul Kalkbrenner - In Eight Minutes Around The World 

Absolutely immense DVD package from acclaimed Berlin design house Pfadfinderei, 
the people responsible for Bpitch Control’s graphic design and, in particular, 
working closely with the unstoppable Modeselektor. ‘Labland’ features over an 
hour of completely exclusive music from Modeselektor - a visual music album 
pioneering a tight combination of music, film & graphic design in mindboggling 
ways. The emphasis here, of course, is on tight edits – both in terms of visual 
and audio editing, squashed rhythms, bass, shapes & colours, inventing a new 
kind of synchronicity. Pfadfinderei distort, twist and warp space in response to 
Modeselektor’s mashed-up samples and low-end heavy backdrops, an absolutely 
deadly mix. Easily the best DVD we’ve seen of its kind – for all intents and 
purposes a brand new Modeselektor album given an extra dimension or two, all 
recorded in beautifully crisp 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. A massive 

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