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Ladies and gentlemen, by request from the forums this torrent contains all of the work by Matt Howarth that has so far been scanned according to TheList.

Matt Howarth is an artist/cartoonist who created, among other things, the comic book series Those Annoying Post Bros, Savage Henry, Star Crossed and Bugtown. From 1987 to 1994, Howarth did a comic book series Savage Henry, about the adventures of a guitarist from an alternate reality. Most issues of this series featured authorized guest appearances by real musicians, including the Residents, Hawkwind, Moby, Ash Ra Tempel, Klaus Schulze, Nash the Slash, Foetus, Yello, Wire, Steve Roach, Richard Pinhas, Ron Geesin, and David Borden. Conrad Schnitzler (an original member of Tangerine Dream and Kluster) was a regular guest in this series and several graphic novels. He also provided the illustrations for Dr. Adder by K. W. Jeter.

This torrent includes:

changes.cbz (166.44 megabyte)

Keif Llama Xenotech v2.2 (Lanf).cbz (12.36 megabyte) 

Keif Llama Xenotech v2.4 (Lanf).cbz (11.93 megabyte) 

Keif Llama Xenotech v2.5 (Lanf).cbz (11.84 megabyte)

Particle Dreams 01 (1986) (LANF).cbz (17.69 megabyte) 

Particle Dreams 05 (1987) (LANF).cbz (13.77 megabyte) 

Particle Dreams 04 (1987) (LANF).cbz (13.09 megabyte) 

Particle Dreams 03 (1987) (LANF).cbz (11.31 megabyte) 

Particle Dreams 06 (1987) (LANF).cbz (9.92 megabyte) 

Particle Dreams 02 (1987) (LANF).cbz (9.87 megabyte)

Thos Annoying Post Bros vs. The Residents - Stalking Ralph.cbr (28.56 megabyte) 

Those Annoying Post Bros 05 (1987) (Snerdley-DCP).cbr (21.24 megabyte) 

Those Annoying Post Bros 10 (1988) (Snerdley-DCP).cbr (15.83 megabyte) 

Those Annoying Post Bros 09 (1988) (Snerdley-DCP).cbr (14.71 megabyte) 

Those Annoying Post Bros 08 (1988) (Snerdley-DCP).cbr (13.79 megabyte) 

Those Annoying Post Bros 07 (1988) (Snerdley-DCP).cbr (11.87 megabyte) 

Those Annoying Post Bros 27.cbr (4.54 megabyte)

WRAB - Pirate Television (c2c) (1985) (Matt Howarth) (Twobyfour-DREGS).cbr (41.79 megabyte) 

Post Mortem (1991) (Matt Howarth - Brave New World) (Alchemy-DCP).cbr (26.42 megabyte) 

Anything Goes 06 (1987) (nuther).cbr (26.05 megabyte) 

Planet Gong Newspaper (1977) (Matt Howarth) (Twobyfour).cbr (17.82 megabyte) 

Savage Henry #6.cbr (16.94 megabyte) 

Savage Henry #2.cbr (16.81 megabyte) 

Savage Henry #5.cbr (16.38 megabyte) 

Bugtown 01(of 06)(2004)(c2c)(KORE321-DCP).cbr (15.01 megabyte) 

Star Crossed 001.cbr (7.77 megabyte) 

Star Crossed 002.cbr (7.03 megabyte) 

Savage Henry Powerchords 001 [2004] (Imbie).cbr (6.93 megabyte) 

Savage Henry Powerchords 002 [2004] (Imbie).cbr (6.26 megabyte) 

All thanks to the scanners and the original sources.

Please seed. Please enjoy.

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