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Hillsong Creative 01 DVD

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Just as every guitarist has a signature, every drummer his own rhythm, and every singer their unique two churches are the same. Our differences are what makes us unique, and what give expression and clarity, excitement and balance to the Church across the earth.

In this conversational and practical workshop, the Hillsong Team helps you consider your church, providing insight into the skills and lessons that we have learned and that are at the very core of our music ministry. We touch on topics such as song arrangements, elements of a song, how to use temp, key and instrumentation to create band and vocal dynamics, and other important aspects of working as a team. In addition, we provide alternative arrangements to some of our recent songs, to help you better prepare to serve your team, your church, and ultimately our God.

Includes skills & lessons in:
Song arrangements
Elements of a song
How to use tempo
How to use keys & instrumentation
Plus much more

01 Run
02 No Reason To Hide
03 You Deserve
04 You Hold Me Now
05 This Is Our God

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