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Simple small footprint Audio player without opening iTunes.  Press SHIFT-COMMAND to move it from it's default position.

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MacAMP Lite is a MacOS™ application designed to provide an easy-to-use and lightweight interface to play various popular sound formats, such as MPEG Layer II and III, CD Audio, .MOD , .S3M and more.

MacAMP Lite uses special modules called "engines". Every module provides playback routines for specific sound formats. Engines used by MacAMP are compatible with MacAMP Lite, therefore all sound formats supported by MacAMP application can be supported by MacAMP Lite, allowing great flexibility in use.

MacAMP Lite also supports a technology called "Phrase Books". By downloading and installing only one file your copy of MacAMP Lite will 'speak' your localized language - without modifying the application itself.
Supported sound formats:

* .669
* .AMF
* CD Audio
* .DSM
* .FAR
* .IT
* .M15
* .MED
* .MOD
* .MP1
* .MP2
* .MP3
* .MTM
* .S3M
* .STM
* .ULT
* .XM

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