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O2 in H2O - A Self-Help Course on Breathing in Swimming.m4v

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Breathe Better and Easier.
Swim Better and Easier.

Nothing is more essential to a swimmer than air. Yet few swimmers truly understand how to breathe efficiently. Not just to get air, but to integrate breathing seamlessly with the stroke. Breathing is sometimes viewed as a liability or inconvenience, but when you do it right, breathing can actually make your stroke better. This video shows you how.


Introduction - Learn the two key skills of breathing: (1) Head-Spine Alignment and (2) Breathing with body movement.

Water Bowl Exercises - Invaluable if you’ve never been comfortable in water. Useful for understanding subtleties you probably missed before, if you’re already a skilled swimmer.

Shallow Water Exercises - Separate critical breathing skills from stroking. Rehearse them in simple ways. Breathe more efficiently as a result.

Breathing Skills in Drills - A simple breathing technique that helps you drill better. And an advanced breathing technique that helps you transition from drill to swim better.

Whole Stroke Breathing Skills - A detailed study with focal points for practice of breathing technique for Freestyle, Breaststroke and Butterfly.

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