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Playboy - Complete Lovemaking Series

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Playboy - Complete Lovemaking Series [3 parts]

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Making Love Series Vol. I: Arousal, Foreplay & Orgasm: Internationally renowned sex expert Dr. Ruth Westheimer presents an enlightened look at the art of making love. This program is an illustrated guide to total sexual satisfaction and happiness in your relationship.

Making Love Series Vol. II: Tantric Lovemaking: Acclaimed sex therapist Dr. Barbara Keesling demonstrates how couples can increase intimacy, expand their range of sexual sensations, and experience full-body orgasms through the art of tantric lovemaking.

Making Love Series Vol. III: 10 Secrets for Greater Sensual Pleasure: Dr. Ruth Westheimer reveals easy-to-learn techniques for sparking passion. Learn about the joy of toys, alternate simple and sexy positions, and how to turn your bedroom into a sensual sanctuary. Dr. Ruth is an international icon as a psychosexual therapist. Since first stepping into the spotlight in 1980, Dr. Ruth has spread her "sexual literacy" around the world through medias including television, books, newspapers, games, home video and computer software. Dr. Keesling is a noted therapist, sex surrogate and author who has been helping men and women improve their sexual relationships for many years. She's known for her relaxing style of intimate contact with couples and provides an informal, supportive and uniquely effective approach to sexual enchantment.

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