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I reseed some of my torrents, waiting for the Pirate Bay's fate to evolve.
If, as it seems from the last news, it won't be sold to people who would make you pay for P2P, more torrents will follow to recover my old shares. If the next TPB owner will impose fees I will delete them all again.

I apologize for the low upload speed. It will take you days to download, so be warned and dont bother with silly comments about shares and seeds.

I see also that most of the leechers download practically from all my torrents, once they have started to download from one. Ok pals, but dont forget to keep those torrents seeded once you finish them if you want I upload more music. Surely I won't always keep uploading the whole bunch continously... so it's up to you to help these shares to spread.


John Renbourn is an English guitarist and songwriter. He is possibly best known for his collaboration with guitarist Bert Jansch as well as his work with the folk group Pentangle, although he maintained a solo career both before, during and after that band's existence (1967-1973).

While most commonly labelled a folk musician, Renbourn's musical tastes and interests take in early music, classical music, blues and world music.

What follows is a collection of some of his albums.. enjoy...


John Renbourn  - Will the circle be unbroken
John Renbourn - Another Monday
John Renbourn - Faro Annie
John Renbourn - John Renbourn
John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman - The Three Kingdoms
John Renbourn - The Essential John Renbourn
John Renbourn - The Hermit
John Renbourn - The Lady and the Unicorn
John Renbourn - The Nine Maidens
John Renbourn - Live in Italy
Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn - Under the volcano
John Renbourn & Duck Baker - a thousand words
John Renbourn - 1968 Sir John Alot
John Renbourn - The Black Balloon
John Renbourn - Traveller's Prayer
John Renbourn Group - A Maid In Bedlam
John Renbourn Group - live in america
John Renbourn Group - The Enchanted Garden
John Renbourn Group - Ship Of Fools

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