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Final Fantasy VIII - NTSC-USA, Disks 1-4 (PSX)

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Size:1.67 GiB Uploaded:2009-08-13 20:25:40

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Final Fantasy VIII - NTSC-USA, Disks 1-4 (PSX)
Format: .7z
Compression Level: Ultra
Compression Method: LZMA
Dictionary Size: 64MB
Word Size: 64
Solid Block Size: 4GB
Memory Usage for Compressing: 709MB
Memory Usage for Decompressing: 66MB
Uncompressed Size: 2709MB
Compressed Size: 1713MB
Compression Ratio: 63.2%
Final Fantasy Disk 1.Bin 698MB
Final Fantasy Disk 2.Bin 660MB
Final Fantasy Disk 3.Bin 687MB
Final Fantasy Disk 4.Bin 662MB

This Torrent contains the disk images of Final Fantasy VIII, United States Greatest Hits version for the Playstation. These work perfectly on ePSXe, and i'm sure if you have a chipped console, they will work fine there as well, or if you convert it to run on a PSP. These disks are getting harder to find everyday, though not as rare or expensive as FFVII, i paid over $30 for this set (eBay) a little over a year ago to replace my first copy from ~2000-2001 and i am NOT going to pay that again due to a scratched disk, and i'm sure there are others out there in the same situation.

On my Phenom X4 9500/8GB DDR6400/Vista Ultimate x64 rig, it took 1 hour, 24 minutes and 25 seconds to compress and 5 minutes and 10 seconds to decompress using 7-Zip x64. With the compression ratio of 63.2% , you're essentially only downloading 2 1/2 disks of data, and most of the time, you can decompress faster than you can download, i know i can(shitty 1Mbps DSL, which is why i can only get upload rates of around 20-25KBps, so don't fill the comment section with a lot of comments about the speed, i've already informed everyone).

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