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Runtime Raid Reconstructor 4.02

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Runtime's RAID Reconstructor will help you recover data from broken RAID Level 5 Array consisting of 3 to 14 drives and from RAID Level 0 Array (Striping) consisting of 2 to 14 drives. Even if you do not know the RAID parameters, such as start sector, drive order, block size and direction of rotation, RAID Reconstructor will analyze your drives and determine the correct values. You will then be able to create a copy of the reconstructed RAID in a virtual image (.vim), an image file (.img) or on a physical drive. Unlike other products that require you to know the RAID parameters, RAID Reconstructor is not only a "destriper" but an "analyzer" as well. It finds the unknown parameters for you.

RAID Reconstructor is read-only
It will not try to "fix" your RAID. It will merely create a copy of your RAID at another location. It will collect sector by sector from each single drive involved and write these sectors in the correct order to the designated destination. This process is also called "de-striping". Because one drive is redundant in RAID 5, it is sufficient to have one less than the original number of drives (N) in the array. RAID Reconstructor can recalculate the original data from the N-1 drives. For a RAID-0 (striped) array you will need all drives. The RAID Reconstructor will recover both, hardware and software RAIDs. It will recover from broken Windows Dynamic Disk sets.

Let us find the correct RAID parameters for you!
A RaidProbe can be taken if you do not find your RAID's correct parameters. Take advantage of our experience. If your RAID is recoverable, we will find the parameters! Here is how it works: RAID Reconstructor will create a probe of your RAID drives which you would send to us by FTP or upload to our server. We will analyze this probe and attempt to find the parameters for you. You would then enter these parameters into RAID Reconstructor and continue your recovery. Please contact us at if you have further questions. This is a manual service which we charge $299 for. You will only be charged if we find the parameters. To initiate a RaidProbe now, go to our order page and select the "RaidProbe" service

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