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Dawn of War 2 1.5.0 Update

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Size:345.28 MiB Uploaded:2009-08-13 21:27:23

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Priority Transmission: Coding/Delta/Rouge
Recipient: Loyal Imperial Commanders – as designated by Commissariat, The Librarius Staff, Inquisitor Baptiste & Canoness Arrea.
Subject: Traitors and Executions
Thought for the Day: To LEECH is both cowardly and dishonourable

Attention all loyal citizens of the Imperium!!!

Not seeding this sacred patch is a mortal sin!

Whispered by Tzeentch, Lord of Hidden Knowledge.
Inspired by Slaanesh, Master of Forbidden Pleasures.

Thought of the Day: All LEECHERS will be executed without mercy and compassion! 

Inquisition is watching YOU!

//The Emperor Protects.

Latest update for Dawn of War. You can apply it to any version of the game.
Included is the latest version of the loader's DLLs.

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