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Red Sonja - vs Thulsa Doom

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Most artists depict Red Sonja wearing a very brief bikini-like costume of scale mail. As originally drawn by Barry Smith for The Shadow of the Vulture and The Song of Red Sonja in Conan the Barbarian issues Nr. 23 and 24 (1973), she did not have as full a figure and dressed a little more conservatively, in a chainmail long-sleeved shirt and red cloth (maybe leather) shorts.

As told by Roy Thomas in the introduction of Red Sonja Adventures Volume 1 (Dynamite Entertainment) Spanish artist Esteban Maroto submitted an uncommissioned illustration to him when he was editing the magazine Savage Sword of Conan where he redesigned the character and for the first time showed her wearing what would become her famous costume, the silver metal bikini, which resembled other fantasy costumes that other Maroto heroines sported in the 1970’s. 

This illustration was printed for the first time in black and white in Savage Sword of Conan Nr. 1, was later reprinted in Marvel Treasury Edition Nr. 15 colored but poorly reproduced, and finally restored and colored by José Villarrubia as an alternate cover for the Dynamite Entertainment edition of Red Sonja Nr. 2. 

Maroto drew her in this costume for her first solo adventure in Savage Sword of Conan Nr. 1, and John Buscema drew her in this costume in the same magazine. Buscema drew her again in this costume in issues Nr. 43, 44 and 48 of Conan the Barbarian (1974) and Dick Giordano in the first issue of Marvel Feature (1975) before Frank Thorne took over from issue Nr. 2 (1976). 

The bikini proved popular, becoming well known through the paintings of Boris Vallejo and others.



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