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This is the soundtrack CD for an old PC game called "Myth: The Fallen Lords" by Bungie.  This game was popular long before they were acquired by Microsoft and long before the "Halo" series of games.  If you enjoyed the game, or ambient/newage music in general, you'll probably dig this.

This soundtrack CD was available from the Bungie website while the Myth games were popular, but is no longer available anywhere.  It is very much out of print and a rare find.  Enjoy!

Music by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori.  1997.


01 Prologue
02 Crow's Bridge
03 A Traitor's Grave
04 The Siege Of Madrigal
05 Homecoming
06 The Fallen Lords
07 The Barrier
08 The Five Champions
09 Out Of The Barrier
10 The Watcher
11 Seven Gates
12 Heart Of The Stone
13 Pools Of Iron
14 Smiths Of Muirthemne
15 Forest Heart
16 River Of Blood
17 Sons Of Myrgard
18 The Last Battle
19 Epilogue

NOTE: If you are able to share the soundtrack CD for the sequel, "Myth II: Soulblighter", please do!

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