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The Lord Of The Rings HDTV-Rip Trilogy H264 Wrath

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[size=4][b][color=red] PC, PS3 & XBOX 360 COMPATIBLE [/color][/b][/size]

[i][b][color=blue]Release Title:[/color][/b][/i] [color=orange][b]The Lord Of The Rings HDTV-Rip Trilogy H264 Wrath.mp4[/b][/color]

[i][b][color=blue]Film Length:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]2:58:14[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Film Length:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]3:43:55[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Film Length:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]3:12:45[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Tagline:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]The Legend Comes to Life[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Tagline:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]A New Power Is Rising.[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Tagline:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]This Christmas the journey ends.[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Storyline:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]In a small village in the Shire a young Hobbit named Frodo has been entrusted with an ancient Ring. Now he must embark on an Epic quest to the Cracks of Doom in order to destroy it.[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Storyline:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]Frodo and Sam continue on to Mordor in their mission to destroy the One Ring. Whilst their former companions make new allies and launch an assault on Isengard.[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Storyline:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]The former Fellowship of the Ring prepare for the final battle for Middle Earth, while Frodo & Sam approach Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring.[/b]

	Alan Howard	 ... 	The Ring (voice)
	Noel Appleby	... 	Everard Proudfoot
	Sean Astin	... 	Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee
	Sala Baker	... 	Sauron
	Sean Bean	... 	Boromir
	Cate Blanchett	... 	Galadriel
	Orlando Bloom	... 	Legolas Greenleaf
	Billy Boyd	... 	Peregrin 'Pippin' Took
	Marton Csokas	... 	Celeborn
	Megan Edwards	... 	Mrs. Proudfoot
	Michael Elsworth	... 	Gondorian Archivist
	Mark Ferguson	... 	Gil-Galad
	Ian Holm	... 	Bilbo Baggins
	Christopher Lee	... 	Saruman
	Lawrence Makoare	... 	Lurtz
        Bruce Allpress	 ... 	Aldor
	Sean Astin	... 	Samwise 'Sam' Gamgee
	John Bach	... 	Madril
	Sala Baker	... 	Man Flesh Uruk
	Cate Blanchett	... 	Galadriel
	Orlando Bloom	... 	Legolas Greenleaf
	Billy Boyd	... 	Peregrin 'Pippin' Took
	Jed Brophy	... 	Sharku / Snaga
	Sam Comery	... 	√Čothain
	Brad Dourif	... 	Grima Wormtongue
	Calum Gittins	... 	Haleth
	Bernard Hill	... 	Theoden
	Bruce Hopkins	... 	Gamling
	Paris Howe Strewe	... 	Théodred - Prince of Rohan
	Christopher Lee	... 	Saruman the White
        Noel Appleby	 ... 	Everard Proudfoot
	Alexandra Astin	... 	Elanor Gamgee
	Sean Astin	... 	Sam
	David Aston	... 	Gondorian Soldier 3
	John Bach	... 	Madril
	Sean Bean	... 	Boromir
	Cate Blanchett	... 	Galadriel
	Orlando Bloom	... 	Legolas
	Billy Boyd	... 	Pippin
	Sadwyn Brophy	... 	Eldarion
	Alistair Browning	... 	Damrod
	Marton Csokas	... 	Celeborn
	Richard Edge	... 	Gondorian Soldier 1
	Jason Fitch	... 	Uruk 2
	Bernard Hill	... 	Theoden

[i][b][color=blue]Genre:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]Action | Adventure | Fantasy[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Genre:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]Action | Adventure | Fantasy[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Genre:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]Action | Adventure | Fantasy[/b]

[i][color=blue][b]IMDB:TLOTR-1[/b][/color][/i] [code][/code]
[i][color=blue][b]IMDB:TLOTR-2[/b][/color][/i] [code][/code]
[i][color=blue][b]IMDB:TLOTR-3[/b][/color][/i] [code][/code]

[i][b][color=blue]Rating:[/color][/b][/i] [b]USA-R[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Language:[/color][/b][/i] [b]English[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Original Source:[/color][/b][/i] [b]The.Lord.Of.The.Rings.The.Fellowship.Of.The.Ring.2001.720p.HDTV.x264-THOR[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Original Source:[/color][/b][/i] [b]The.Lord.Of.The.Rings.The.Two.Towers.Extended.Edition.720p.HDTV.DTS.x264-THOR[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Original Source:[/color][/b][/i] [b]The.Lord.Of.The.Rings.Return.Of.The.King.2003.720p.HDTV.x264-THOR[/b]

[i][color=blue][b]Size of MP4 file:TLOTR-1[/b][/color][/i]  [b]3.02 GB[/b]
[i][color=blue][b]Size of MP4 file:TLOTR-2[/b][/color][/i]  [b]4.03 GB[/b]
[i][color=blue][b]Size of MP4 file:TLOTR-3[/b][/color][/i]  [b]3.02 GB[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Info Hash:[/color][/b][/i] [b]a57f8e20cf2287aaff244fb7ec6b800a06ea3cc0[/b]

[i][b][color=orange]Video, Audio & Subtitle Specifications:[/color][/b] [/i]

[i][b][color=blue]Format:[/color][/b][/i] [b]H.264/MPEG-4 AVC [/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Bitrate:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]2029 kbps[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Bitrate:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]2178 kbps[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Bitrate:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]1848 kbps[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Framerate:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]23.976[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Framerate:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]23.976[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Framerate:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]25[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Encoder:[/color][/b][/i] [b]x264[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Resolution:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]720x304[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Resolution:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]720x304[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Resolution:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]720x304[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Aspect Ratio:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]2.368[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Aspect Ratio:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]2.368[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Aspect Ratio:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]2.368[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Audio #1:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]130kb/s 2 Channels[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Audio #1:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]130kb/s 2 Channels[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Audio #1:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]130kb/s 2 Channels[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Audio #2:TLOTR-1[/color][/b][/i] [b]399kb/s 6 Channels[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Audio #2:TLOTR-2[/color][/b][/i] [b]399kb/s 6 Channels[/b]
[i][b][color=blue]Audio #2:TLOTR-3[/color][/b][/i] [b]399kb/s 6 Channels[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Sample Rate:[/color][/b][/i] [b]48000Hz[/b]

[i][b][color=blue]Subtitles:[/color][/b][/i] [b]Forced-subs[/b]

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