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Sora Aoi

Prisoner Sora

Themes: Rape

Scene 1: Talk about pretty girls having sex and here you have Sora. She is the undisputed number 1 in the industry right now and this video just proves her versatility. She started her career as a bright cute little lady with a beautiful body complemented with a nice pair of assets. But now she has matured to take on a great variety of different movie types and this one showcases her skills as it has plenty of rape scenes and sex with random men. She shows some good acting skills and of course the best part is still the flaunting of her assets. God is so kind to her. Watching her makes me want to cum right away.

Scene 2: All the sex scenes in this movie are forced upon Sora. In the first, she gets caught in the lift with a sex maniac who starts groping her and sucking her tits. Subsequently he forces her to down his dick and cums on her pretty face.

Scene 3: Sora gets caught up with a cleaner in her office. She looks really beautiful in this one, but not for long. The cleaner strips and tears her clothes off. Plenty of struggling as she tries to escape from him, but of course fails to do so. She eventually gets bound up and gets finger fucked by the dirty cleaner. How I wish she was working in my office. I would certainly not mind being the cleaner at all!

Scene 4: The next one she does a little of volunteer work for three horny guys. Yet again, this happens in the office. They approach her and suddenly start stripping and forcing themselves on her. Lots of good views of her boobs in this scene as they pull up her bra as she blows them dry, one by one. Every part of her body just looks so delicious she makes me want to eat her up. After some fingering, the scene moves on.

Scene 5: Oh my dear Sora, please don't look at the camera like that. In the next scene, she does a lovely blow job for a lucky guy. Many times during the scene, she looks sensually at the camera, and it just makes me so aroused! Sometimes, its not about how big the assets are or how round the ass is. It's about how the actress conducts herself in the movie. Sora definitely has the sexy charisma that no one else in the AV industry has.

Scene 6: In the final scene, Sora meets a guy and they get it on after some talking. I am not surprised that the first thing any man would think of after seeing her would be sex. Thus, this dude in the movie is no different. From first sight, you can tell that he lusts for her. And Sora, being her usual self, loves men who are attracted to her and would not hesitate taking it all the way. As I was previously talking about the looks that she casts at the camera, she does it extremely well and really connects with the viewer. I personally believe that is one area that she really stands out from the other AV idols. The fact that she connects better with her audience gives her a head start in the industry. Back to the scene, the movie characters make out before getting onto the bed and starting the fuck sequence. Sucking, humping and bumping, before cumming all over the place.

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